1. All lessons will begin promptly at the agreed time. If you arrive late your lesson will not be extended past the agreed end time.
  2. Parents / guardians are required to pick up children on time at the end of the lesson. In the case of teachers having to remain in the building past their working hours due to students not being collected promptly, an additional charge of £5 per 5 minutes will be made to parents to compensate the teacher.
  3. The timetable is set at the start the academic year and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate any changes to lesson times after that point. Timetable change requests will be considered and changes made at our discretion. We will not provide a refund if we are unable to accommodate the request.
  4. As a matter of professional courtesy we will not commence lessons with transfer students until all obligations to the previous teacher have been met (e.g. adhering to the notice period and payment of fees).
  5. By committing to lessons with The Piano School you are giving your agreement to our teaching methods and philosophies. Whilst we encourage our students to be active musicians we are also committed to limiting any confusion that can arise from different teaching methods. As a result we will not offer lessons to any students who are simultaneously studying piano with another teacher outside of The Piano School.
  6. Group lessons are offered every half term as an integral part of students’ musical development. All school-age students are expected to attend their relevant group and no individual lessons will be arranged for those who do not attend.


  1. The monthly fee for lessons will be confirmed with you at the point of enrolment. All fees must be paid by direct debit and this must be set up before lessons commence. 
  2. Fees are collected via GoCardless on the 1st of each month. Please note there will be an admin fee of £3 for any late payment of fees charged at the point of re-collection.
  3. The Piano School is not able to reserve any student’s lesson space unless payment has been received. Students wishing to take a break from lessons for a few weeks (e.g. over the GCSE exam period) will be required to pay fees as normal if they wish to return to lessons after. If fees are not paid the lesson space will be offered to others on our waiting list.
  4. An additional £40 materials fee is charged when students initially start lessons with us, and a further £35 is charged at the start of each academic year. The costs of any materials given in lessons are taken out of this fee and any money left over at the end of the academic year can either be reimbursed or roll over to the following academic year.
  5. Students may be required to top up their materials fee at any point in the year if needed.
  6. Fees will be reviewed at the end of each academic year and may be increased at that point.

Cancelling lessons

  1. Students are expected to attend lessons every week in term time. We are not able to make up lessons missed by students and no refunds will be given for cancelled lessons.
  2. Any lessons cancelled by The Piano School will either be made up at a mutually convenient time or will be refunded at the end of the academic year.

Health and safety

  1. Parents / guardians are responsible for the safety and behaviour of children in the waiting area and other parts of the building before and after their lesson. The Piano School cannot be held responsible for any child outside of their lesson time.
  2. Parents / guardians are required to inform the teacher if someone new will be collecting the child at the end of the lesson.
  3. Students / parents / guardians will be liable for the cost of any damages caused by the mistreatment of school property.
  4. Students / parents/ guardians are required to make the teacher aware of any medical or special educational needs that may impair the student’s wellbeing whilst in the school.

Termination of lessons

  1. One month’s paid notice is required to terminate lessons. If you are not able to continue with lessons for the whole of the notice period you will still be liable to pay the full month’s fee.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel lessons in the following circumstances:
    • consistent late payment
    • numerous lessons missed with no warning
    • consistent lack of practice
    • insufficient support at home
    • damage to school property
    • starting lessons with another teacher outside of The Piano School
    • refusing to adhere to our behaviour policy
  3. Any abusive or threatening behaviour towards staff or other students will result in immediate termination of lessons with no refund.