1. The workshop must be paid for in advance at the time of booking.
  2. Cancellation requests must be made by emailing admin@thepianoschool.org.uk
  3. For places cancelled 10 working days before the workshop, a full refund will be given. Places cancelled after this time will not be refunded.
  4. The workshop will begin promptly at the agreed time. If you arrive late the session will not be extended past the agreed end time.
  5. Parents / guardians are responsible for the safety and behaviour of children in the waiting area and other parts of the building before and after the workshop. The Piano School cannot be held responsible for any child outside of the workshop time.
  6. Parents / guardians are required to pick up children on time at the end of the workshop. In the case of teachers having to remain in the building past their working hours due to children not being collected promptly, an additional charge of £5 per 5 minutes will be made to parents to compensate the teacher.
  7. Parents / guardians are required to inform the teacher if someone new will be collecting the child at the end of the workshop.
  8. Parents / guardians will be liable for the cost of any damages caused by the mistreatment of school property.
  9. Parents/ guardians are required to make the teacher aware of any medical or special educational needs that may impair the child’s wellbeing whilst in the school.