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Our Musical Discoveries classes for four- and five-year-olds are all about developing musical interest, enjoyment and confidence. Although they’re mainly designed as a pre-piano experience, they’ll help give your child a strong musical foundation for whatever instrument they go on to play.

Through movement, singing, games and other multisensory activities, they’ll develop a good sense of pulse and rhythm, improve their coordination, gain the ability to listen well and learn how to read and interpret musical symbols. These are all skills that will help your child progress faster and further when they eventually start playing an instrument, as well as encouraging them to be more musically expressive and creative now.

Classes take place once a week for 45 minutes in groups of around five children – small enough for our teachers to be able to engage with each child individually, but big enough for them to have the fun and positive social experience of learning as part of a group.

What it costs

There are lots of things that make our musical community very different from traditional piano lessons – including the way we organise our fees. Instead of a per-lesson fee we just have one yearly cost, and our 2017/18 pre-piano fees are £323 for the year.

You can pay that all in one go up-front or in monthly instalments of £29.36 between September and July.

Just note – because our Musical Discoveries classes run with the academic year, from September to July, it’s not possible for children to join part way through the year.

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Hear from our community

  • “Daisy enjoys her classes immensely – she really looks forward to her lessons each week!”

    David, parent
  • “I like going to music lessons because it makes me happy and I like learning the songs.”

    Benjamin, age 5
  • “Jordan’s really grown in confidence over the past year – the group nights and concerts have played a huge part in stretching him and building up his self-belief. He even recently played at a carol service in front of a packed house, which he would never have done without your help!”

    John, Parent
  • “CCPT offers such a fun way to learn about music. The children sing, dance and play different instruments all in a relaxed and friendly environment. After the lessons none of the children are in a rush to go home!”

    Matthew, parent
  • “The Musical Discoveries lessons are fantastic: pacy, fun and engaging. It’s been great to see my daughter’s singing confidence grow.”

    Maria, parent
  • “I love my lessons because we play games. I especially like ‘Cuckoo where are you?’ and ‘Doggy with the bone’.”

    Phoebe, age 5
  • “My daughter’s teacher is delightful and patient, and the lessons are both engaging and at an appropriate level. The fact that CCPT emphasises engaging the student regardless of their level of ability makes it the perfect environment to learn in!”

    Ange, parent
  • “Amrit and Gurjeevan love telling everyone about their fun lessons! I can’t thank you enough for all your time and attention to the two of them – it’s given them both so much confidence and they talk about their compositions with such pride. As parents, we couldn’t be happier.”

    Pritti, parent