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We’re a vibrant collective of experienced piano teachers who believe that learning to play the piano should be an inspirational, enjoyable and collaborative experience. Together we’re growing a creative and supportive community of accomplished musicians, who delight in discovering more about music.

Founded in 2012, our vision has always been to transform the way instrumental teaching is done. Traditional piano lessons focus almost completely on one style of music (generally classical) and don’t usually have much room for input or ideas from the student. They also involve learning – and teaching – on your own. But we believe that engaging with music in community is not only more fun but significantly more effective, better shaping someone as a whole musician as well as a pianist. We think that collaboration, both between teachers and students and also with other musicians, is one of the best and most interesting ways to learn. We’re also committed to creativity and having fun with music, teaching a wide variety of styles and techniques as well as encouraging the creation of new music.

Ultimately our aim is to set people up for a lifetime of loving music, giving them the skills, the inspiration and the confidence they need to embrace whatever musical opportunities come their way.

Hear from our community

  • “Jordan’s really grown in confidence over the past year – the group nights and concerts have played a huge part in stretching him and building up his self-belief. He even recently played at a carol service in front of a packed house, which he would never have done without your help!”

    John, Parent
  • “I love my lessons because we play games. I especially like ‘Cuckoo where are you?’ and ‘Doggy with the bone’.”

    Phoebe, age 5
  • “My daughter’s teacher is delightful and patient, and the lessons are both engaging and at an appropriate level. The fact that CCPT emphasises engaging the student regardless of their level of ability makes it the perfect environment to learn in!”

    Ange, parent
  • “Daisy enjoys her classes immensely – she really looks forward to her lessons each week!”

    David, parent
  • “The Musical Discoveries lessons are fantastic: pacy, fun and engaging. It’s been great to see my daughter’s singing confidence grow.”

    Maria, parent
  • “CCPT offers such a fun way to learn about music. The children sing, dance and play different instruments all in a relaxed and friendly environment. After the lessons none of the children are in a rush to go home!”

    Matthew, parent
  • “Amrit and Gurjeevan love telling everyone about their fun lessons! I can’t thank you enough for all your time and attention to the two of them – it’s given them both so much confidence and they talk about their compositions with such pride. As parents, we couldn’t be happier.”

    Pritti, parent
  • “I like going to music lessons because it makes me happy and I like learning the songs.”

    Benjamin, age 5